The Michigan car-maker cuts steam from plants to save heating costs while its new painting process conserves oven energy

At a time when any discussion about a greener automotive industry tends to focus on electric or solar-powered cars, one car company is also focusing on greening both its products and itself. The Michigan-based Ford Motor Company is quickly becoming one of America’s leading companies when it comes to creating efficient, sustainable facilities for its operations.

Recently, Ford adjusted assembly processes to be as efficient as possible and upgraded facilities to feature advanced green technologies. By doing so, it has cut its energy use by 22 percent since 2006, and the company is setting its sights higher to cut an additional 25 percent through energy efficiency by 2016. From slowly eliminating its use of steam heating, restructuring its painting and equipment-cooling processes, and taking advantage of opportunities to use LED technology in its facilities, Ford is committed to maintaining the highest standards of green operations. “Our focus on sustainability goes back quite a few years,” says Jeff White, Ford’s energy-efficiency manager, who has helmed the automaker’s facility-greening efforts for nearly 15 years. “Our energy-efficiency group has been in existence as a formal activity for driving energy reduction since as far back as the 1980s.”

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Byline: Ford looks to make production sustainable as well as their products.


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