Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, through the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability announces the launch of the Pollution Isn't Pretty campaign. This educational campaign's mission is:  Working together to reduce and prevent pollution in the Grand River Watershed".  



  • Collaborate with and bring cooperation to the Middle Grand River sub-watershed groups and other partners to enhance the watershed.

  •  Celebrate and enhance the land and water resources through education,                       appropriate land use planning, historical preservation, recreation, and stewardship. 

  • Facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and collaboration to reduce and prevent pollution of the Grand River watershed.  

  • Work towards improving, preserving and protecting water quality.






  •   Develop and maintain an information clearing house, which will include educational resources and programs, action alerts, activities calendar, references, grant opportunities, etc.

  •  Support data collection and management.

  • Organize, promote and conduct future educational and scientific expeditions on the Grand River.

  • Continue to organize and execute the Grand River Expedition every 10 years

  • Facilitate future educational and scientific expeditions on the tributary streams as appropriate.

  • Conduct public education about the historic, ecologic, recreational and economic values of the river and its communities. 

  • Cultivate individual and collective stewardship for watershed values.


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