Communities and residents around the country are beginning to ask some basic questions about energy like:

  • How much energy are we using in our buildings? 
  • Are we using energy efficiently and effectively?
Michigan Energy Options, through the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability, is answering these questions (and more) for buildings along the Michigan Avenue/Grand River corridor between the State Capitol and the Village of Webberville. 

The 19 mile corridor includes more than 9,000 buildings, three cities, three townships and one village. The corridor includes all types of buildings and a comprehensive sample of Mid-Michigan's built environment:  single and multifamily residential housing; commercial businesses; hospitals, libraries and museums; state and local government offices; a university and numerous secondary schools; farms; and downtown business districts, large and small.


Regional Energy Audit

For more information on the Regional Energy Study, go to michiganenergyoptions.org