Welcome to the MMPGS Sustainability Tools Page!

Sustainability is often viewed as a buzzword--used by everyone, but interpreted in many different ways.  We consider sustainability as taking actions that meet the needs of the present and do not compromise those of the future.  Sustainability applies to our everyday actions because what we do on the small scale eventually adds up to affect our local and global communities in much larger ways.  

This page is intended to provide you with specific examples of how to live more sustainably, everyday.  Whether it's spending money at local "green businesses," improving your home's energy efficiency, or becoming more informed about the health impacts of future developments in your area, you can find ways to be more sustainable, starting now!

Below we have provided two videos highlighting the MMPGS project and vision, produced by Meridian Township's award-winning HOM TV.

'Sustaining the Future' Episode 1:

'Sustaining the Future' Episode 2: